About us 

I created The Good Cheer Company in 2006. It was the time I was thinking about what gift I really want for myself. I wanted something that would remind me that I am special in some ways, like how some people would like to be reminded that they are somehow unique 

I came up with a puzzle-shaped pewter token that has an engraving on it. I chose these puzzle piece of jewelry because it evokes the feeling of belongingness. If you see these every day, dangling on your body or keychain or backpack, it will remind you who you truly are. I created this to make me feel good about myself and to remind me to stop worrying about the future – to simply live at the moment.  

The Good Cheer Company simply started with this and was given the chance to expand into some sort of a gift store. Now, it also has so many novelty items in it patronized by people from different places. Among the items that are commonly ordered are the encouragement CDs. There are 2 types of these: the Cheers For You, and Because Of You. Both will give the receiver the appreciation, acknowledgment, and praises they deserve. These gifts will soothe disturbed your disturbed spirit and would relax you greatly. 

I live in Los Angeles. From time to time, I feel that I am a nobody and has no importance to anyone. But I surpass these feelings by always having these inspirational keepsakes with me. This I want to share to everyone. I want you to be a means to soothe your mind by sharing you these. 

If anyone has helped or inspired you or someone you know through these gifts, please let me know, I really like to hear from you. Leave your reviews in my testimonial section. Thank you!