Welcome to the Frequently Asked Question section of this site. We hope that you’d find everything we included here useful. For concerns not addressed here, check out our contact page to know how to reach us. 

Q: How to purchase from The Good Cheer Company and what is the mode of payment? 

For purchases, all you have to do is message us with an image of the item you want to purchase. We will send you a form including process on how to pay for it. 

Q: How soon do you ship after receiving my order? 

We are located in Los Angeles. If you are in the same area as ours, we make every effort to ship within 2 to 4 business days. For other cities, please give an allowance of up to 7 to 10 working days. 

Q: Why was the invoice not included in my order? 

As soon as you completed your purchase, you will receive an email that says Receipt Of Your Payment which would stand as your invoice. This would include your Transaction I.D. Number which would also serve as a reference number. For record purposes, we encourage you to keep it. 

Q: I ordered an MP3 but I did not receive any of the Download Link. What should I do? 

If you ordered an MP3, you won’t receive any download link. Instead, you’d have to hit the PLAY button for the link to be automatically downloaded to your device. If this does not happen, message us your Transaction I.D. Number and we will offer you the assistance you need. 

Q: I ordered an MP3 and already received my receipt but I failed to access the link given. What do I do now? 

We are sorry for this inconvenience. Please send us an email together with your Transaction I.D. Number and we will send you another link. Please be patient if some error occurs during the download process. Just email us so we can provide the assistance you’ll need. 

Thank you again for visiting THE GOOD CHEER COMPANY. We look forward to your next visit here.