Welcome to The Good Cheer Company website

Welcome to The Good Cheer Company website, offer you a unique gift for yourself and love ones.


It all started in 2006 while I was hanging out at my garage door by a1 garage door service. I was thinking of some gift to myself that would affect my life positively – a gift that would inspire me rest of my life. I want something that will remind me of who I am and what I am capable of contributing in this world. I want some motivations in life, a person or a thing that could cheer me on. Moreover, I also want to share the same things with others.

That idea is what led me to build The Good Cheer Company. I want to be a source of strength to others. And with the help of my friends, families, and loved ones, it was a success. From then on, this company was able to sell more than a 10 thousand gift items that brought light to people worldwide.

Whenever people are feeling stressed out, and alone, they just look at the inspirational words engraved on our items and they already feel more encouraged. Their longing for somebody to cheer for them and give them motivation is satisfied.

The Goal

The goal of The Good Cheer Company is to spread good vibes to the community. We want you to feel that you are special and important.  Our gift items are specially made to give a good cheer to everyone. It’s meant to be a source of inspiration that is a reminder that one should never give up.

The Good Cheer Company creates small puzzle shaped pewter tokens that could be in the form of key chains, necklaces, and other accessories that we can bring anywhere with us. It is extremely fashionable that it could be worn with almost any style of clothing. These tokens symbolize the mantra we want to uphold to maintain the positive energy in our lives.

What are our means to fulfill this?

You’d notice that for every token, there are two sides with engravings on it. This could be pre-set words based on traditional sayings known to bring inspiration or custom-made engravings that serve as your motto in life. The writings are incorporated on each token are supposed to bring cheer during a bad day.

Currently, for the pre-set sayings, we have over 41 inspirational messages to choose from to engrave on your first token. Have you decided yet on what you are having? To make it easier for you, we have beautiful necklaces, earrings, bracelets you could choose from. Dog tags are also available for you on this. Recently, due to the demand from the public, we have also created accessories for your furry pets. Imagine looking at them and smiling because their tags remind you that, “Tomorrow is another day.” Fantastic and empowering, isn’t it?

Words have the power to make or break you. Why not start your day with a good few words to cheer you up? Get that only here at The Good Cheer Company.

About the Author: Sandy Marliani